Ron Mission£º

Respect for heaven and lovers, earthquake resistance and disaster reduction¡£

Ron Vision£º

Continue to create value for customers, to provide employees with opportunities to become China¡¯s most competitive building seismic support provider.

Ron Core Values£º

Integrity, honesty, seriousness, innovation, persistence and courage.

Ron Tenet£º

Quality is best, you insist, keep its promise.

Ron Management Concept£º

In pursuit of all the staff spirit and material two aspects of happiness at the same time, for social development and progress to make a positive contribution.

Ron Quality Policy£º

Has always been to improve customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit of the goal, continuous improvement to ensure the quality of products and services through the company adhere to the ¡°pragmatic, cooperation, learning and innovation¡± principle, to provide support for high-quality products and system solutions for customers.


Company culture

Company Mission:

Worship environment and human; reduce the loss caused by earthquake.

Company Vision:

To become national most competitive manufacturer of seismic bracing, creating values for clients continuously.

Company core value:


Company quality policy:

Improving customer satisfaction is always our persistent pursuit, LOONGEN continues to provide our customers with superior products and proven solutions to their particular needs by implementing the practice of ¡°Pragmatism, cooperation, studying, innovation¡± to improve our service level and products quality.

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